Veritech News

 June 2015

        Veritech delivers a prototype replacement stainless steel lower coolant level sensor  to Maryland MTA for installation in a New Flyer diesel hybrid bus to replace a failing  OEM plastic sensor.

        North American Bus Industries places an order for 1000 of our stainless steel upper  coolant level switches, most of which will be installed on buses at NJ Transit.

  July 2015

        After a successful prototype installation, Maryland MTA places an order of 40 units  with Veritech to extend the evaulation to four division garages.  Pending a successful  outcome, our device will replace the OEM device in their inventory.

        Veritech receives a purchase order for one of our scanning audio frequency rail  current detectors and onsite training from Herzog Technologies, one of the largest rail  services providers in the US.

  August 2015

        Veritech enters partnership with Patriot American Solutions (formerly Ridge Mfrg) to

 provide engineering services to their PCB assembly customers.

  September 2015

        Veritech develops a new Transit Bus Electrical Interconnections training course for    transit agencies and private operators to enhance the knowledge base of the bus  maintenance technicians in the areas of connectors, harnessing and tooling.

  October 2015

        Veritech demonstrates our Rail Scanner Pro on location to Signal Maintenance  groups  at both Light Rail and Subway at Maryland MTA resulting in a joint requisition for  the  purchase of 5 units.

        WMATA awards contract to Veritech for the fabrication of 100 Bus Safety Harnesses  to retrofit existing buses.

  November 2015

        Our replacement lower coolant sensor is successfully installed at the Midvale Bus  Garage at SEPTA.  We begin development of a shorter version of the device after it is  determined during an evaluation that the current version is too long to fit the surge  tanks on Gillig buses.

  December 2015

        After demonstrations of our Rail Jumper Cable Tester at Wilmington, DE and the  Sunnyside Yards in New York, as well as ongoing discussions with their engineering  people to fine-tune the requirements, Amtrak is poised to place an order for a custom  version of our device.  NJ Transit currently uses 7 of our Rail Jumper Cable Testers.

        Our first lower coolant sensor installations on CNG buses are performed at  Ominitrans, San Bernandino, CA. and we also have successful evaluations at Coach USA  and Academy Bus on diesel powered buses.